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Dr. Patti Thigpen

Dr. Patti Thigpen, Au.D.

Mission Statement

Uplifting our community by improving communication one patient at a time. Our approach to services and relationships is to exceed your expectations while providing a remarkable standard of compassionate, caring, and expert hearing health care.

Our Services

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Hearing Aids

At Thigpen Hearing Center, we pride ourselves on fitting the highest-quality hearing aids available, expertly programmed for you.

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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests can help your hearing care professional determine the nature of your hearing loss. Depending on the results, there can be a variety of treatment options.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Our staff of hearing care professionals can help you learn about the causes of tinnitus & treatment options, including hearing aids & tinnitus retraining therapy.

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Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable by turning down the volume or by wearing ear protection. Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss.

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I have no hearing at all in one ear. Is there anything available to help me hear?

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