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Patient Testimonials

“Thank you for all you have done for my child. Your encouragement and support has made all the difference. She is doing so well in school now. You are loved and my child tells everyone about her ‘Dr. Patti’.”

“You make your work a joyous task, and you truly care about each and every one of your patients. It shows! I appreciate the time you took to work with me.”

“I can honestly say that I’ve never had a more pleasant experience at a medical appointment. The lady that greeted me was very gracious, personable and professional. Dr. Thigpen made me feel relaxed when I was initially quite nervous and simplified the testing procedures and results so I could understand them. Thank you all very much!”

"your office is absolutely beautiful and warm and inviting as well"... L.D.

"thank you for being so kind and good to me" ... L.T.

"very impressive"... S.M.

"I am glad our pediatrician referred us here.  We are so happy to be here"

"I feel so blessed to meet such an amazing, humble and successful woman.  God blesses those who look to him for guidance"... K.B.

"I am so happy to be able to hear more clearly." ... B.J.

"I really like your service"... LT

"This is a super nice place.  You have filled a need in Murfreesboro."... JG

"great office.... also you are very patient with my husband!"... B.C.

"Patti is a wonderful person as well as audiologist.  Everyone including her patients love her!"...T.F.

"These hearing aids are like wearing none at all.   I never knew I could hear like this again."... D.N.

"I just love that I can run in quick, keep the car running, get what I need and run back out  again."... N.H.

"this location is great for me - right between two shopping malls"... A.T.

"I feel like I've been to a spa when I leave here"... S.S.

"Can I just drop back by sometime and come in to read your magazines and unwind?"...V.S.

"I don't have to drive Nashville anymore.  I didn't know you offered all the services I received there."... J.W.