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The Value of Carefully Choosing your Hearing Aid Provider – Larry’s Story

Larry thought he was too young for hearing aids – but for him, they were life changing. Here, he speaks of the importance of a trusting relationship with your hearing healthcare provider.

High Tech Hearing Aids and iPhones – Dr. C’s Story

Dr. C was tired of not being able to hear his family. He discovered life-changing, nearly invisible hearing aids that also happened to appeal to his love of high-tech gadgets. He now hears very well, syncs his hearing aids to his iPhone, can control them with it, and has different settings for his most frequented locations: home, church, restaurants, and office.

Melinda Was Apprehensive about Needing Hearing Aids

Melinda discovered a new world of music and sounds that she didn’t think was possible.

Tinnitus – Sherry’s Story

There is hope for tinnitus sufferers. The stress and anxiety that often accompanies chronic tinnitus can be alleviated. Sherry tells her story of hope and relief.

Glen Wanted to Hear His Grandchildren

His grandchildren didn’t want to come over to visit. They said grandpa couldn’t hear them. It was time to finally see someone about the problem.

Excellent care from excellent people! I highly recommend this place. And, if you’re not educated about hearing loss, you should be – and this is the place to do it! I simply wanted a baseline hearing test for reference as I age, and the price was a great value. But the education was worth twice the price!
Carla C.
I just got evaluated and fitted for hearing aids at Thigpen Hearing Center, PLLC, and everyone was so very kind and patient with me. It was a very positive experience even though I was nervous about going through the exam. They give very thorough follow up support and I am very pleased with the service they provide.
Evelyn W.
I took my son to Dr. Thigpen 20 years ago to assist me with his hearing needs, and our family has been with her for all these years. I depend on Thigpen Hearing Center, PLLC for all our hearing needs and have recommended their services to anyone who might need good quality care for their hearing needs. Everyone in the office is so sweet, helpful and knowledgeable in making our visits a wonderful experience. I would not go anywhere else for my family’s hearing needs.
Mary B.
I love going to Thigpen. All the staff are so nice and helpful. There is a Christian atmosphere when you walk in the door. I would and do highly recommend Thigpen Hearing for your hearing needs.
Ava D.
This place changed my life!! Highly recommend them. Patti and her staff are wonderful!
Ginny S.
I am so thankful to Patti and her staff for the excellent hearing aid and accessories they have provided for my husband. Thanks to Thigpen Hearing Center, PLLC for providing relief to me so I don’t have to continue yelling at him. Patti advised me how to interact with my husband, such as always making sure I am facing him when talking to him. Not only do they take care of the patient, but also the entire family. We would not be without Thigpen Hearing Center, PLLC.
Edna C.
Took my 89 year old Daddy to Thigpen Hearing Center, PLLC and the staff was so helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely nice! I highly recommend them to anyone with possible hearing issue!
Debbie C.
Everyone at Thigpen Hearing is so nice and very professional. I love my new ReSound hearing aid. The Bluetooth connection to my iPhone 5 is awesome!! So helpful in my design business.The sound is so natural. Very pleased.
Pam J.
A God send! Gentle and kind!
Brandy M.
Great place! Wonderful, friendly and very professional work staff. So thankful to have them taking care of my hearing needs.
Robert B.
Patti is a wonderful person as well as audiologist. Everyone, including her patients, loves her!
These hearing aids are like wearing none at all. I never knew I could hear like this again.
I don’t have to drive Nashville anymore. I didn’t know you offered all the services I received there.