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Why Should You Bring a Companion?

Hearing Care Q & A Question: Why Do You Encourage Us to Bring a Companion? Answer: The simple answer is that everyone benefits, including your audiologist.   Let’s unpack some of the reasons for this: Hearing loss affects your companion, too Once someone suspects they have hearing issues, they’ll wait, on average, seven years before getting a hearing evaluation. One reason is they don’t think it affects the people around them. But a study by The National Council on Aging had surprising findings: After study participants with hearing loss ... Read more

How Better Hearing Impacts Mental Health

Question: I am seeing a therapist who recommends hearing testing for clients. Why would hearing affect my therapy sessions? Answer: Undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss will have a negative impact on self-esteem and social interactions which can often result in depression and/or anxiety. Hearing loss may not be the main cause of your therapy, but it can indirectly impact many needs in your life. Diminished hearing can and will have a direct impact on personality and social interactions, resulting in a less confident approach ... Read more

Hearing & Empowered: Embrace the Season With Gusto

Nothing says “Summertime, here we come!” like hitting the road, rails, trails, and friendly skies to make new memories with loved ones far and nearby. Whether having some local fun or taking a trip, here are six ways your hearing technology can help you dive in. Look for the Loop Touring a new city? Some sites — museums, theaters, houses of worship, and more — may have installed a hearing loop, letting you receive enhanced audio by wirelessly connecting through the T-coil setting ... Read more

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

Question: My mother had hearing loss, and I understand the importance of treating it early. Since it runs in my family, what signs should I watch for? Answer: Hearing loss is usually gradual. Therefore, it is easy to be unaware of the onset of hearing loss until the degree of loss is so prominent that others are noticing it before you do. We all want to prevent this from happening. Early signs might be: Asking others to repeat themselves Increased ... Read more

Hearing Loss Affects People of All Ages

When you think about eyeglasses, what do you think of? Most likely your own pair or those of loved ones. If you’re more fashion-minded, you might even think about that funky pair you saw recently on one of your favorite celebrities. You definitely don’t think of old age. But what about when you think of hearing aids? Probably a different story.   A PR Problem In the United States, 14 million people 12 years or older have a visual impairment. Thirty million people 12 years ... Read more

Do Hearing Aids Fix Hearing Loss?

Question: Are hearing aids only an “aid” or do they correct the hearing problem? Answer: The term aid does oversimplify the intricate technology of this complex instrument. However, aiding, by definition, is the function of this device in everyday life. In fact, hearing technology . . . . . . aids in improving relationships with family and friends through better listening. . . . aids in increasing confidence and performance at home and work through better hearing. . . ... Read more

May Is Better Hearing Month: Spring Into It With Less Noise, More Joy

Ahhh, spring! As power tools whir, ball games bloom, and concerts sprout, are your ears protected from the louder sounds of the season? Some noises pack a bigger punch than your ears should take, so for Better Hearing Month this May, we’re sharing three quick tips to keep harmful volumes at bay. TURN DOWN THE SOUND Planning a hearty run in the fresh air with favorite tunes in your ears? It’s tempting to crank up the beats, but MP3 players can reach ... Read more

How Do I Know If I Really Need a Hearing Test?

Question: My family says that I have trouble hearing, but I think they mumble. I don’t want to get a test unless I need it. How do I know if the problem is my hearing or my family mumbling? Answer: Let’s do a quick self-assessment. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will want to schedule a hearing test with a Doctor of Audiology to learn what you are dealing with, receive suggestions for home modifications, and other tips.  ... Read more

AI at Your Ears? The Future’s Here!

We’re Talking Hearing Tech Powered With Artificial Intelligence When thinking about the conveniences artificial intelligence can bring, innovations such as Netflix — a film- and TV-streaming service that can learn and make recommendations based on individual viewing preferences — might come to mind. Other machine-learning offerings such as adaptive thermostats, self-driving cars, voice-operated virtual assistants, and automated music platforms may fit the bill, too. But who could have guessed that artificial intelligence, or AI, would come to hearing technology? We could! Hearing aids have ... Read more

Why Not Get Cheaper Magazine or Online Hearing Aids?

Question: I see ads for hearing aids in magazines and online at much less cost. Why shouldn’t I do that? Answer: Yes, the ads sound tempting; however, it really is too good to be true. Sadly, I have seen this approach linked to complications. Instead, imagine a face to face appointment with your audiologist where you are fit with a prescribed hearing aid which is programmed personally for you with instant adjustments for fit and comfort.   There is no substitute for hands-on ... Read more
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