Question: How common is hearing loss? Why promote a Better Hearing Month?

Answer: The prevalence of hearing loss in the U.S. is high. During the month of May, we are promoting Better Hearing Month to educate and encourage treatment for hearing loss. Did you know:

  • Hearing loss is the 3rd most common chronic health condition among seniors
  • 1 out of 3 adults over 65 has hearing loss. 3) Hearing loss contributes to social isolation, dementia, and depression
  • Every day, 1 in 1000 newborns are born deaf and 3 out of 1000 are born with partial hearing loss
  • Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable
  • 60% of people with hearing loss are between 21 and 65 years old

To celebrate Better Hearing Month, join us for a Banana Split Party on May 12th from 1-4pm. Enjoy music, games, and time with our staff!