How to Know You're Getting the Right Hearing Healthcare

Question: I have an appointment for a hearing aid consultation. Any questions I should ask while there?

Answer: Some points to consider when choosing the right practice for your hearing healthcare:

  • Do you observe cleanliness and organization?
  • Is the staff personable?
  • Are their questions relevant to your health, or are they geared to fit with a hearing aid?
  • Are your hearing exam results explained so clearly that you can repeat them to someone else?
  • Do they remove ear wax?
  • How many years of experience are represented?
  • Is the hearing aid recommended for you unique to your hearing needs?
  • Do they provide a loaner aid if yours is sent for repair?
  • Are you given suggestions of other things you can do to improve communication in addition to hearing aids?
  • Check online reviews and compare to others.

If you want a second opinion or a new hearing care provider, contact us today to schedule an appointment!