Question: Why do you think some people receive better benefit from their hearing aids than others do?

Answer: So many things contribute to this. We believe that auditory rehabilitation techniques should be taught when receiving the hearing aids as a standard treatment protocol.

This approach begins with the testing of not just the hearing ability but the test of communication needs in the patient’s lifestyle. We address the specific areas where the patient is struggling to hear and develop a written program to address these situations. This approach encourages family members in how to communicate with the hearing aid user and shows new methods of managing room acoustics and speech understanding.

There are specific websites with therapeutic exercises the patient can do and written exercises for home to strengthen the understanding in noise. Improving hearing ability is more than a device.

Please contact our Murfreesboro hearing care office to discuss your hearing options. The audiologists at Thigpen Hearing Center are looking forward to helping you and your family better communicate.