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Does High Humidity Affect My Hearing Aids?

One of the great things about starting your better-hearing journey is that your world is more enjoyable when you can hear all those sounds you’ve been missing. That might also mean you’re getting outside more, possibly exposing your hearing devices to humidity. Your hearing aids are tiny computers, and just like with laptops and tablets, moisture can present a challenge. Humidity Let’s discuss humidity first. Simply put, humidity is a measurement of the amount of water vapor in the air. Hot air can ... Read more

Pediatric Hearing Loss

Question: I am nervous, wondering why my doctor suggested a hearing test for my 2-year-old when she has speech delay. Answer: The first line of intervention for speech delay is to rule out hearing loss as a contributing factor. Recurrent middle ear fluid or infection can temporarily impact a child’s ability to hear the sounds of speech. Then, of course, we must ascertain there is no permanent hearing loss as well. An array of testing methods designed for toddlers will yield reliable ... Read more

Eyes and Ears: More in Common Than You Think!

4 Reasons to Keep Your Hearing and Vision in Check We all know that eyes and ears play a huge role in helping people — and animals, too! — experience life’s adventures. Seeing or hearing the people, places, and moments that matter can make for wonderful, lasting memories. But did you know that seeing and hearing have more in common than just their rock-star status? Here are four reasons to make regular checkups for hearing and vision an important part of your ... Read more

Tinnitus Treatment

Question: Is there nothing that can be done for the noises in my ears? Answer: Doctors have far more information about tinnitus today than in the past. Research has found there is help for reducing these bothersome noises in the ears or head and eliminating the negative side effects. Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. Therefore, we initially want to evaluate the whole hearing system to determine which of the many causes might be present. Then by simply treating the cause, ... Read more

What Does Hypertension Have to Do With Hearing? Plenty!

We’ve got a tip for your wellness checklist: Keeping your blood pressure down may help keep your hearing up! Both hearing loss and hypertension, or high blood pressure, impact millions of people around the world, but few realize that these two chronic conditions might go hand in hand. For your best health, here are three important things to know: Hypertension and Hearing Loss Are Connected Like hearing loss, which affects an estimated 466 million people worldwide, hypertension is a serious public-health challenge that can ... Read more

Affordable Hearing Aids

Question: Why shouldn’t I buy the cheapest hearing aids offered? Answer: Are all cars the same? All doctors the same? Are we comparing hearing aids from Doctors of Audiology or hearing devices from warehouse stores and chains? Are ads in the newspapers offering “discount” prices or “trade ins” or “to the first 25 people who respond”? Is it a question of price or the benefit you get for the price? A discount price hearing aid is often the most expensive to maintain ... Read more

Health Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise is just noise, right? You learn to tune it out and, unless it’s really loud, you don’t worry about it. You definitely wouldn’t worry about its effects on your heart — would you? As far back as 1972, awareness of the adverse health effects of noise pollution was so strong that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency passed the Noise Control Act to establish “a national policy to promote an environment for all Americans free from noise that jeopardizes their health and ... Read more

Lazy Ears

Question: Though I’ve been told I would benefit from hearing aids, I fear my ears will get lazy and lose their ability to hear at all. Answer: Actually, the opposite is true. When the ears are not hearing properly, they are not transmitting the sound to areas in the brain for understanding, so the brain’s function in these areas becomes reduced permanently. Over time, this has a negative impact on the ability to process understanding of words and speech sounds. It will be ... Read more

Better Hearing & Speech Month: 7 Accessories to Turn Up Your Tech

Have you heard? We’re celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month in May! In honor of the theme, “Communication for All,” here are seven hearing aid accessories to make sure you’re communicating and connecting your best with the people, places, and moments that matter in your life. Wireless Mic Conversations rock when everybody around the table can join in, but background noise at restaurants and other spaces can make that a tall order. Whether you’re having a one-on-one chat or hanging with a crowd, ... Read more

How can hearing aids assist me in a noisy restaurant or on the job?

Question: How can hearing aids assist me in a noisy restaurant or on the job? Answer: Most people do struggle to hear in noisy environments, even those with normal hearing. However, these are the places where hearing aids can really help most people. Newer hearing aid technology is designed to recognize speech and automatically adjust to reduce noise or enhance speech as much as possible. While noise cannot be eliminated, hearing aids are now better able to reduce noise than ever before. ... Read more
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