Why Not Get Cheaper Magazine or Online Hearing Aids?

Question: I see ads for hearing aids in magazines and online at much less cost. Why shouldn’t I do that?

Answer: Yes, the ads sound tempting; however, it really is too good to be true. Sadly, I have seen this approach linked to complications.

Instead, imagine a face to face appointment with your audiologist where you are fit with a prescribed hearing aid which is programmed personally for you with instant adjustments for fit and comfort.


There is no substitute for hands-on instruction in care and use which is essential to daily wear and independence with your new hearing aids.

-Dr. Patti Thigpen

No doubt the user experience will be fuller, richer and far more successful with the guidance of a professional who can diagnose and prescribe hearing aids just for you and is also available when needed.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a real person (a Doctor of Audiology) in a face to face consultation.