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How Prevalent Really is Hearing Loss Among Americans and Canadians?

How many people in your life have hearing difficulties? One person? Two people? A handful? No one? The actual number is quite possibly more than you think, because hearing loss — the inability or reduced ability to perceive sounds that enter the ear — is much more common than many realize. In the United States and Canada together, for example, millions of people live with hearing loss. Numbers may vary per organization, government agency, or study, but: Johns Hopkins researchers have estimated ... Read more

Helping the Community Hear

What do smoking, heart disease, medications, or even hospitalizations have to do with hearing? What really goes on in a hearing test? Our own Dr. Patti Thigpen, audiologist and owner of Thigpen Hearing Center, takes listeners behind the scenes of hearing care — Don’t miss the cool sound booth! — in her recent WGNS Radio interview. Hear the full radio interview on WGNS, or check out the audio directly below.   Full Interview   Short Clip Read more