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Are Hearing Aids in Other Countries Better Than What We Have in the US?

Ask An Expert Question: Are there hearing aids in other countries that are better or different than what we have in the US? Answer: There are no better hearing aids anywhere than what is available in our office. The best and most widely respected hearing aids manufactured are sold all over the world. In fact, if you travel overseas and have a problem with your hearing aid, ours can be serviced under warranty in other countries. Just a reminder: What creates a successful ... Read more

Why Hearing Health is Critical to Overall Health

Ask An Expert Question: I know someone who needs hearing aids badly but will not consider it. They also do not take their prescribed medications routinely. Answer: Better hearing leads to better patient compliance with prescribed medications and better overall outcomes. This has been repeatedly documented in clinical studies. Untreated hearing loss is linked to poor overall health and unhealthy lifestyles. Our audiologists work closely with patients to improve their quality of life. We help establish the motivation that is critical to their ... Read more

How Does Hearing Loss Impact Dementia?

Ask An Expert Question: A family member is 66 with early-onset dementia and significant hearing loss. I want to plan for the future and be as proactive as possible. What can I expect with hearing loss in the presence of dementia? Answer: Preparing for the management of emotional distress, as well as counseling family members and caregivers, will help minimize the preventable problems associated with both dementia and hearing loss. Attention to psychological, social, and personalized care needs involve hearing health. Communication ... Read more

Can Earbuds Harm My Hearing?

Ask An Expert Question: Is there any danger in listening to music through earbuds? Answer: Listening to music at unsafe volumes for a prolonged period of time puts hearing at risk. In order to hear music over background noise, people will often turn up the volume in their earbuds. Noise is an underestimated threat to the health of children and adults. Excessive sound levels for music can cause a range of health problems, such as sleep disturbances, cardiovascular effects, poor performance at school, ... Read more

Can I Measure Sounds to See if They’re too Loud?

Ask An Expert Question: Is there a way that I can measure a sound to see if it’s too loud? Answer: You can download a sound meter app to your smartphone to measure decibel levels. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health tested apps supported by Noise Lab, Noise Hunter, and SoundMeter, which are available for Apple IOS phones, and found they have the most accurate A-weighted sound-level measurements. In addition, you will want to interpret the decibel level in relation to ... Read more

Is Falling Connected to Hearing Loss?

Ask An Expert Question: I have fallen more in the past 6 months than I ever had before. My physician says my health appears fine. I do have some hearing loss. Is that related to my falling? Answer: A study in 2012 found that even a mild hearing loss was three times more likely to be associated with the risk of falling. Greater hearing loss increases this risk. The data tell us that those who have a hearing loss are at greater risk ... Read more

How to Communicate Better at Family Gatherings

Ask An Expert Question: What can I do to better communicate at family get-togethers? Answer: In addition to wearing your hearing instruments, there are strategies you can use to facilitate good communication. One of the best is to ask others to speak slower. This turns the focus on how they are speaking to you rather than on you not understanding. When people speak slower, they enunciate better, making it easier to understand. It also gives your brain more time to process the speech ... Read more

What Does it Mean to be AudigyCertified?

Ask An Expert Question: I read recently that your practice is AudigyCertified. What does that mean? Answer: Our practice has been selected to become a member of Audigy Group, putting us among the top audiologists and audiology practices in the nation. Certification standards for local private practices are high and are based on the highest level of expert patient care and service. As a certified practice, our community and patients benefit from the combined experience and ideas of this elite group of professionals. ... Read more

Can You Program the Discounted Hearing Aid That Was Mailed to Me by My Insurance?

Ask An Expert Question: My health insurance plan offers a hearing aid at a discounted price that they will mail to me. If I get this aid, can you set it? Answer: Some insurance companies have made the controversial entry into the hearing aid world by offering direct-to-consumer hearing aids at discounted prices. Members are to obtain a hearing test on their own and send in results. The insurer will then preset their aid and mail it to the member. Several states ban ... Read more

Can Vitamins and Supplements Harm or Help Hearing?

Ask An Expert Question: Are there any vitamins, herbal medicines or nutritional supplements that can either help or harm hearing? Answer: The body of knowledge about herbals and supplements continues to grow. There are numerous books on the topic; however, safety and efficacy has yet to be proven in clinical studies. These treatments are not considered part of conventional medicine and opinions vary as to their effectiveness. Complementary and alternative medicines may be used as an adjunct to conventional medicine when used in ... Read more
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